Correction Page

Correction Page

AeroCourse Workbook and Manual Corrections

AeroCourse books and Manuals are updated twice a year Jan and July. Once a new edition as been released AeroCourse  will only address errors or corrections from the newest edition but the identified errors will still be available on this page.


Launched March 2024

Page #QuestionCorrection
1-526Answer is D

Released Jan 22nd, 2021

This edition includes the recent flight and duty time changes in Canadian Air Regulations, page 1-19-1-20 as well as some minor updates to the Ch 2 and 3. The following typographical errors have been noted in this edition

Page #QuestionCorrection
1-19103Answer is D
Appendix I (page 2)Formula #9The Angle of Bank for a Rateone Turn is over 10 not S (speed)


Launched January 2023

Page #QuestionCorrection
1-275Answer is A
1-1380Answer is B
3-45138Answer B should read “Circling approaches can only be flown east of the airport”.
3-48153METAR CYKA 142100Z 09005KT 2SM -RA BR OVC050 04/03 A2992

Launched November 2022

Page #QuestionCorrection
3-732Replaced “COPAR” with “NOTOP”
3-833Wording of answer A was updated to yet the wording is changed to 30 NM
3-939“Your position is approximately 100 NM west of the St John’s airport on V312. You lose the navigation signal from TORBAY VOR/DME. What would be the most appropriate course of action”.
3-3941“Your DME reads 10.5…selected 110.3 on the DME receiver.”
3-39105Answer is C
3-41117Answer A should read “Published mandatory altitudes and missed approach altitudes.”

Launched August 2022

Page #QuestionCorrection
1-314Answer is C
1-421Answer is D
1-1275Answer is A
1-1380Answer is B
3-412The answers were updated [ (a)0.21, (b)0.26, (c) 0.30, (d) 0.34 ], the correct answer is c
3-413Answer is C
3-3 & 3-411, 12 & 13Use variation 18° W

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