This three day seminar is designed to lead students in a logical progression through the steps and knowledge necessary to carry out an IFR flight. It is intended to help students prepare for the Instrument Rating  INRAT exam and show pilots the practical world of instrument flying. This seminar provides a solid foundation in all the practical and theoretical aspects of IFR flight. It is further enhanced by our instructors’ actual IFR experiences. The Instrument Rating Workbook 9th edition (2017) is a requirement when taking the IFR Seminar. Please order during registration. See IFR course with workbook.

AeroCourse IFR Ground School Seminar includes the recently updated online IFR Procedures Course.  This course is designed to prepare you for the ground school seminar. We strongly recommend the online course be completed prior to attending the IFR Ground School Seminar. The online IFR Procedures Course provides students with the added value of exposure to the core IFR information prior to attending the IFR Ground School Seminar to maximize learning at the seminar. It provides you the ability to identify any key areas of deficiency and reviews the basic IFR information you are expected to be familiar with to gain the most from the seminar discussions. Each lesson can be reviewed a total of two (2) times within a 60 day timeframe. The online IFR Procedures course takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete.

To further compliment the AeroCourse IFR Ground School Seminar and provide enhanced learning to participants, we have included two new self-study online courses to be reviewed at your own pace within the activation time-frame (not necessary to be completed prior to the seminar):

  • CRM (Crew Resource Management) online course: a communications course that assists an individual to achieve the highest possible level of safety and efficiency whether operating alone or in a multi-crew environment.
  • CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain) online course: provides a comprehensive look at resources and strategies involved in avoiding and preventing CFIT accidents.

These two separate online courses further enhance a pilot’s safety, performance and professionalism.

Each online lesson can be reviewed a total of two (2) times with 120 days to complete all the lessons from receipt of the activation code. One (1) activation code will be emailed upon registration to the IFR Groundschool Seminar giving access to all three online courses.


Course details

Hours – 0900 to 1730.
Cost $530.00, including Online IFR Procedures course.
The Instrument Rating Workbook 9th edition (2017 is a requirement when taking the IFR Seminar. Please order during registration. See IFR course with workbook. 
Other supplies needed for the course are: Curent A.I.M. , Air Command Weather Manual, C.A.P. General, Flight Computer (Jeppesen or equivalent), regular calculator (with square root function).

All materials ordered will be Expedite posted to you once you are registered (please allow a week for delivery of books and notes). Please allow enough time for shipping. Please note: We do not stock A.I.M.s at any of our the course locations.

Course content

CARs and airspace classifications
IFR MINIMA, take-off, approach, landing and alternate
Canada Air Pilot approach plates, LO charts
IFR flight planning
IFR departure, terminal and approach procedures
IFR procedures, holds, approach entries, contact and visual approaches, etc.
Basic Met theory and practical Met including aviation forecasts, reports and charts
Introduction to thunderstorms, airborne weather radar, and wind shear.
Detailed weather exercises.
Radio aids — VOR, ADF, ILS, DME and GPS.
Air traffic control procedures and communication.
Airmanship including Canadian Runway Friction Index (CRFI), VASIS & PAPI and approach lighting.
Review sample exam questions and exam writing techniques
Recommended reference material (not included in course fee)

AeroCourse does have certain additional recommended reference materials available for purchase. See Books for more information or call our toll-free line to enquire on prices.

Aviation & Meteorology: Weather Fundamentals
From the Ground Up
Instrument Procedure Manual
CAP General
Air Command Weather Manual

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