5 Day In-depth IFR w/workbook and AIM


5 Day two weekend course
April 27&28 and May 3-5 Brampton

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5 Day In-depth IFR Ground School
In partnership with Canada’s leading flight schools

AeroCourse has teamed up with a number of flight schools across Canada to offer an in-depth IFR Ground School. This program provides the student with more than an examination prep overview. It gives students in-depth knowledge to fully understand IFR flight. The student receives instruction from the highly qualified ground school staff of the flight school along with the experience and expertise of the AeroCourse instructors. It is a 40-hour program designed to meet the increasing demand by the aviation industry for competent, knowledgeable pilots.

AeroCourse has been providing IFR training with many of the same instructors for over 20 years. These highly skilled individuals are fully qualified airline pilots working in the Canadian aviation industry with Canada’s largest carriers. They bring a wealth of experience and training expertise. They are the leaders in Canada’s aviation training field. Learn from the best in the industry.

The course is provided and presented at our partners excellent facilities. This makes for an easy transition for those wanting to complete both a ground school and a practical flight component to their training.

New Online IFR Procedures Course included

NOW included with AeroCourse IFR Seminars is the newly updated IFR Procedures Course to be done prior to taking the IFR Seminar with AeroCourse. This course provides students with the added value of learning the core IFR information prior to attending the IFR seminar. It allows for the more difficult concepts to be covered to help students gain the most from the seminar.

The online course takes approximately 4-6 hours and guides you step-by-step through the Canada Air Pilot approach plates and the more complicated procedures of IFR flight. When you sign-up, an activation code is provided in a confirmation email sent from AeroCourse, (within 24 hours Monday to Friday) that allows you access to the program online . The online course is broken up into modules, with each having to be completed in order to move onto the next module. Each lesson is made available to review a total of two times. You have 60 days to work through and complete the online program and once you have completed it, you will have a good understanding of the basic IFR material and be better prepared for the IFR in-class seminar. Please note: For the IFR on-line course high speed internet, speakers, and flash player plug-in are required on your computer.

The online Procedures Course will be included when you purchase the Aero Course IFR In-depth seminar or it can be purchased separately to enhance your IFR knowledge. For more information regarding the online course please see the online IFR Procedures Course page.

Why the in-depth program?

The seminar taught by AeroCourse’s highly experienced instructors, is not only designed to prepare students for the INRAT exam but better prepare them for their IFR training and actual IFR flight.

16 additional hours of instruction over the traditional exam prep programs
Includes more material and allows for mores exercises to be completed.
Slower paced course for greater retention.
Designed for students that don’t have the time to self study extensively.
Course details:

Course cost: $785.00 plus HST including the AeroCourse Instrument Rating Workbook 9th edition, and Current  AIM.

Course runs for Five days – 0900 – 1730:

Days one and two exposes students to theoretical and practical meteorology, flight planning and radio aids.

Content covered

  • Instrument rating requirements
  • Phase of flight concept
  • Requirements for IFR flight
  • Navigation: charts, route selection, flight log
  • Met theory
  • Met practical
  • Introduction to instruments and radio aids
  • Introduction to IFR charts (Canada Air Pilot)

Days three, four and five, finishes up with IFR procedures, operating minima approach plates and INRAT exam prep material.

Content covered

  • Canada Air Pilot approach plates
  • Take-off minima
  • Departure procedures
  • Enroute procedures
  • Holds
  • Approach ban procedures
  • Approach procedures
  • Landing minima
  • Missed approach procedures
  • Alternate minima
  • Canadian air regulations
  • Advanced radio aids
  • Sensory and visual illusions
  • INRAT exam preparation

Other recommended course material (not included in seminar fee)

AeroCourse has extensive experience teaching IFR ground schools in Canada with over 35 courses taught each year. We have taught thousands of students and have a broad practical base to draw from. This means we know better than anyone else what you need to know to pass your INRAT Exam and to be a successful and a safe IFR pilot.

For more information, contact AeroCourse or visit one of our partner flight schools.

Brampton Flight Centre


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In-depth IFR

April 27-28 and May 3-5

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For more information, contact AeroCourse by: E-mail: info@aerocourse.com In Canada or U.S. Call: 1-800-461-8857 or (905) 271-8857 PO Box 30001, 478 Dundas Street West Oakville, Ontario L6H 7L8