AeroCourse is very proud of the very high pass rate indicated from our students (our records indicated an over 90% pass rate). In some cases we find a few students still struggle with the amount of content and the complexity of material covered in the course. If a student fails an exam, (INRAT, IATRA, SAMRA, or SARON), AeroCourse allows them to resit  the course as a retake one time for no additional course fee (if a new workbook or other material has been introduced they are responsible to purchase that material). In order to qualify, the exam must have been written within 3 months of taking the course and the retake must be completed within a year of originally taking the course as well as you must have registered 10 days in advance and completed the pre-study requirements (the pre-study quiz sent upon registration and review of materials including completing at least one time through of the the IFR online procedures course). To register for the retake course, please send an email to including the exam results from Transport Canada. 

If circumstances are outside these options, please contact us and we will examine the options individually with the student.During COVID-19, if circumstances are beyond your control we will consider the issues you faced.

Retake Policy
If a student does not feel ready to write the exam after taking the course, within 3 months of the original course, they can resit the course for a reduced flat fee of $200.00 ($100 for SAMRA or SARON virtual course retake). After 3 months up until 2 years, a student can retake the course for $150 off the price of the course ($75 for SAMRA or SARON virtual course). Preparation is key please review all the pre-study material prior to attending the course. Note: Anytime a new workbook has been introduced, you will be required to purchase an updated workbook. 

Note: Any time a new workbook is required for the course, there will be a charge for the workbook.

AeroCourse reserves the right to deny course attendance to anyone based on unruly conduct, or class capacity. 

Discount Codes 

Flight clubs or groups of 5 or more receive a $50.00 discount; 10 or more receive $100.00 discount.

Setting a custom course – minimum 10 students for a minimum fee of $6500.00 plus expenses – if we can set the course early enough to advertise and gain other local students we can off-set expenses. 

Early Bird Discount 

Our website offers an  ‘Early Bird’ discount for some seminars. To qualify students must register between dates stated on the website (6 weeks prior to course start date) and must be a new registrant (on hold customers do not qualify). If a student decides to move course dates or put the course on hold, the registrant will be charged a change fee (view Change Fee Policy). The student may also be subject to pay difference in a course price or purchase any revised books. The Early Bird discount can not be combined with any other special offers or discount codes.