Canadian ATPL Workbook 6th edition – Digital Version

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The Canadian Airline Transport Pilot Licence Workbook is a thorough review of the ATPL/IATRA exam material and an introduction to air carrier operations. This workbook assists pilots writing the Transport Canada IATRA  and the ATPL (SARON, and SAMRA) exams. The ATPL workbook has recently been revised, originally released Nov. 2019 with the latest update was Mar 2024 (6-D). The most current issue is version 6-D.

This workbook is presented in a format to assist with your studies. It will help you gain the knowledge required to upgrade your licence and provides a solid foundation for your aviation career. There are over 800 questions divided into six sections arranged based on subject areas as presented on the Transport Canada exams. Each section covers a specific topic in detail.

This latest released edition includes all the learning gained through teaching ATPL seminars for the past 30 years. The information is up-to-date and includes the key areas students struggle with when studying for their exams. The workbook includes over 800 theoretical and practical questions covering: Canadian Air Regulations (CARs); MET General; MET Practical; Radio Aids & Flight Planning; Performance and Weight &Balance; Flight Ops General & Human Factors.

We suggest reviewing each section in-depth, prior to writing your exams. We highly recommend attending one of our ground schools seminars to gain understanding of what is required both in the exams and for flying the line. Those who attend the seminars have an excellent pass rate on their exams.

ISBN # 978-0-9681270-4-9

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