Canadian Instrument Rating Workbook – 11th edition


A comprehensive and up-to-date workbook and reference guide to prepare pilots for writing the Transport Canada IFR exam (INRAT). The new workbook has over 580 questions and is a key resource for self-study or accompanying an IFR ground school when preparing for your INRAT exam.

11th edition launched July 25, 2022

The Canadian Instrument Rating Workbook has been a well-respected resource for over 20 years, developed to accompany AeroCourse ground school seminars. The workbook embodies the lessons learned from training thousands of pilots for their INRAT exams and is used for both self-study and part of recognized IFR ground school training. It leads the student logically through the steps required to carry-out an IFR flight. It combines practical and theoretical questions and does not try to teach answers but provide a solid background of knowledge so the student can arrive at the correct solution to the question. The Canadian Instrument Rating Workbook has 6 sections РMet Theory, Practical Met, Flight Planning and IFR Procedures, Radio Aids, Air Regulations & Airspace, and Flight Operations.  The 11th edition workbook includes an updated cross country section with new maps and changes to GNSS charting. The information has been updated and questioned added to hone your exam writing skills. The workbook references the Aviation& Meteorology: Weather Fundamentals 2nd edition, CAP General and A.I.M.


ISBN # 978-0-9681270-5-6